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Through the vast history of skateboarding there’s been countless numbers of skaters, both sponsored and not, who never quite received their due. Since at the moment there are (in my humble opinion) tons of spotlighted skaters who are more hyped than their talents warrant, I’ve decended to drop a short list of 3 pros and 3 ams who deserve much more shine they’ve gotten so far. Scroll down suckas…



Image Courtesy Of Mystery.

Ryan Bobier

First up is Zero mini ripper turned all growns up pro, Ryan Bobier. He made his first appearance in Misled Youth and though it took some time and a move to Mystery before Bobier got a pro board, this guy still has yet to blow up. Ill style, good trick selection and solid parts everytime…where’s the love people?

Danny Falla

Fresh to the pro scene, Queens native Danny Falla has been steadily killing NYC for years now. Sure his name is known and respected amongst skateboarders in the know, he still deserves much more praise than he’s gotten so far. As far as I’m concerned this dude’s board sales should be through the roof at this point. Kids, check this 5boro promo introducing Danny as their newest pro. Now go buy his board and get this dude paid.

Vince Del Valle

Black Label am Vince Del Valle can skate it all. Street, transition and the weirdest, most obscure stuff you or your momma have ever seen (presuming she’s seen strange things). Why this guy doesn’t get more coverage is beyond me. I heard his part in God Save The Label is off the chizznain.

Nestor Judkins

He’s got a name that only a rodeo clown could love but the style and skill to fit securely into any Marc Johnson classification. Well set up at Enjoi, RVCA and Adidas already, I give Judkins one year before he blows the &%$# up. If not, there is officially no justice.

Brian Delatorre

He’s got tons of board control, is smooth as poop logs, stylish as a mofo and handles one of the meanest tre bombs I’ve ever seen…Brian Delatorre needs a pro board as soon as humanly possible.


Ok. What ever happened to Alex “Trainwreck” Gall? This dude was insanely good. He went from Zero to Bootleg and then started up his own failed board brand, Young Guns. Then, he went and vanished (actually I saw a random blog photo of him about a year ago. He was fat). His part in Transworld’s In Bloom was one of gnarliest I’ve ever seen. Nobody skates as fast and reckless as this dude did. Actually, maybe Cardiel did. But that’s it. Somebody bring this maniac back.


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