CCS Workwear - Your New Go-To Jacket

Some dads have penny loafers they've had since college sitting in the back of their closet, others have baseball gloves they've had since high-school. I'd like to think someday my daughter will pull the Adidas Busenitz Horween Leather LTD Shoes out of a box in the garage someday, and ask me about them. To which I'll be able to tell her all about Dennis Busenitz the skater and Horween Leather, the tannery.

Just about every skateboarder in the world is aware of what Busenitz brings to skateboarding - powerful, precise skating done at high speeds. But few skateboarders know much about the Chicago tannery that started in 1905. Horween has stayed in business and built a reputation for producing the highest quality leather on the market by not cutting corners and strictly using quality products. The Adidas Busenitz Horween Leather LTD Shoes are a limited run of the classic Busenitz skate shoe in rich American Bison leather. The tumbled, dark-maroon leather upper features debossed details on the tongue, leather three stripes, a leather heel overlay on the insole, and the iconic extended soccer style tongue. A maroon heel clip adds even more stability to this already sound one-piece cupsole.

The Horween Busenitz is sure to last whether you choose to skate it or plan to hold onto it like a cherished heirloom to be passed on down from generation of skateboarder to skateboarder. For more details, check out the Adidas Busenitz Horween Leather LTD Shoes here or see all the Busenitz we have here. Busenitz_Horween_Pairl_02 Busenitz_Horween_Detail_03 Busenitz_Horween_Detail_02 Busenitz_Horween_Detail_01

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