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The adidas Busenitz Pro 3rd and Army Shoes mimic the look of the legendary skate spot by the same name. To say 3rd and Army is a second home for Busenitz may be a bit of an understatement - footage of him at this spot is not unlike watching any exotic animal in its natural habitat. For this reason, it’s only natural these shoes be made. But what’s more impressive than how well suited Dennis is to 3rd & Army is how much the shoes resemble the spot itself.

The genuine Italian leather on the dual-layered upper of the 3rd & Army, when skated, begin to look like the famous rails that make the spot so recognizable. To complete the look, adidas used a semi-translucent gum rubber outsole. The concept and execution for the Busenitz 3rd & Army shoes are on point and are a must cop for Busenitz and 3rd & Army fans alike.

While this video isn't for this specific Busenitz model, it's still dope and is Busenitz skating 3rd & Army, so we put it in anyways. Enjoy.

adidas_Skateboarding_BusenitzPro3rdArmy_Profile_Alt adidas_Skateboarding_BusenitzPro3rdArmy_Profile adidas_Skateboarding_BusenitzPro3rdArmy_Pair_Alt
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