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Born from skate, SUPRA Footwear continues to execute quality product with innovative technology. SUPRA refuses to stop at skate culture by breaking boundaries and fusing fashion, music, skateboarding, art, and street with unwavering personality. With roots in Southern California skate and surf culture, SUPRA Footwear was founded in 2006 by Angel Cabada of KR3W fame. Cabada, who was already considered one of the most visionary and creative forces in all of streetwear, became committed to building a better shoe and staying true to his surf, skate, and biking roots while doing it. And he did. From SUPRA’s bold silhouettes, to its use of groundbreaking materials, and innovative manufacturing techniques. SUPRA Shoes always provide high-performance design and solid construction.

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  • Chad Muska
    Believe it or not, but there was a time when “The Muska” could do no wrong. Just take a look at some of his old footage. Before the Muskabeatz Era, he was easily one of the most popular skaters out there. Muska has always been a larger than life kind of skateboarder. You can’t live up to a nickname like “the Muska” without having a ton of personality. Before Supra, Muska was known for his stylish frontside flips, tailslides, and skating with a boombox. In the mid to late 90’s, he could do no wrong - just look at videos like Shorty’s Fulfill The Dream and TSA’s Life In The Fast Lane if you don’t believe us. In 2006, he became a partner in the launch of Supra Footwear and is one of the designer’s behind Supra’s wildly successful and imitated Skytop Shoe.
    Chad Muska
  • Supra Ellington Shoes
    Supra Ellington Shoes
    While all Supra shoes are designed from a skateboarder’s point of view, not all of its shoes should be skated. Certain Skytops, for instance, are valued well over their original retail price when in good condition. For this reason, Supra can be broken into two groups: shoe designs that are fashion focused and shoes that are skate focused. The Ellington falls on the skate side. It’s a classic skate shoe with suede and skate specific features in all the right places. Features like internal pods to help with fit and cushion, and how the SUPERFOAM in the midsole is thicker in the heel for impact protection and thinner in at the ball of your foot are evidence to the fact that the Ellingtons were designed for the sole purpose of skating.
  • Supra Skytop Shoes
    The Skytop was not the first skate shoe to break into the highly critical sneaker marketplace, but it certainly was one of the most popular. When the Supra Skytop was released in 2007, but didn’t really gain traction until 2008. Once Lil Wayne, Kanye, and Jay-Z were seen rocking the Skytops, the dye was set - the Skytops were a must have for sneakerheads everywhere. The hype over the Skytops helped to cement Supra Footwear as a shoe company to be taken seriously and reaffirmed the company’s direction of being a performance skate shoe brand that pushed the boundaries of what consumers expect a skate shoe to look like.
    Supra Skytop Shoes