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Chocolate Skateboards has long felt like the little brother or cousin to Girl Skateboards. Not that Chocolate played second fiddle, but instead, it felt related to Girl. This has everything to do with the fact that the two shared videos like Mouse and Goldfish, but mostly because Girl and Chocolate were initially just companies housing one skate crew. Chocolate, like Girl, did an amazing job of developing its personality. One of its first advertisements, a series of portraits of its riders, is one of the most iconic images to come out of 90’s skateboarding. Chocolate’s unique approach to the business of skateboarding, which essentially was building a company with your friends are two of the biggest contributing factors to why Chocolate has been around for over 20 years.

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Chocolate Skateboards, one of the most influential skateboard brands in the world, celebrated their 20th anniversary with an epic art exhibit in Brooklyn, New York. The show featured more than 200 boards from Chocolate’s archives, many of which were team rider portraits by legendary designer and artist Evan Hecox.

Not all brands could have carried off a big art show like this. But not all brands are Chocolate. Not all brands produce memorable deck after memorable deck. Their graphics and products – time and time again – are actual works of art. Not to mention their innovative and groundbreaking videos, which have been stoking out and inspiring skaters since many of us were kids. Their videos aren’t just small boxes on a YouTube screen. They are theatrically-released, big-time events that you look forward to like your birthday or Christmas.

And their love for art and for the skate community is evident in everything they sell, from skate decks and wheels, to shirts and accessories.