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Baker Skateboards was started by the Boss. And, to borrow the title of a very sweet 80s sitcom, Who’s the Boss? That would be Andrew Reynolds, who is one of the biggest names and most important figures in the history of skateboarding. Reynolds a.k.a the Boss is known for letting himself get bloodied, bruised and abused on his board in order to land some of the tricks that become instant legends.

Pro streetskater Reynolds, teamed up with an artist, and launched Baker Skateboards in 2000. They just wanted to make cool boards and videos for people who loved to skate – all day, every day, or as much as they could.

Not only did they create a raw, stick-up-your-middle-finger look for their boards, but the skaters behind Baker also put out some of the most daring and classic skate films in the last 15 years including Baker 3 and Baker Has a Deathwish. In addition to decks, Baker makes soft goods, accessories, and wheels.