CCS Pants - Buy One, Get One 50% Off

Gene is one wild S.O.B. He’s always getting into some sort of trouble that usually ends with him getting his ass kicked. Whether it’s by man, machine, or just an inanimate object that crushes his twig and berries, Gene lives life on the edge and is always rocking a fresh pair of CCS pants. No man can get sacked like Gene and we’re proud to have him wearing our… jeans. If you want to look fly as hell like Gene does, you can shop CCS Apparel HERE!

In case you didn’t get enough stupidity in the first episode, where both Japanese and American made cars demolish Gene, he’s back again! This time Gene caught the Adrenalin bug and decided it would be a good idea to go for a BASE jump off the roof of CCS. Sadly, he grabbed the wrong pack. Why there was a backpack full of toilet paper on the roof is just as confusing as why he thought a 50-foot BASE jump would work. Luckily for him the strong denim in CCS Jeans saved him from mutilation. We’re sure it still hurt, though.

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