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The UltraRange Pro is a new style for Vans and features Vans' newest skate tech to date. The big story on the UltraRange Pro is its construction. It features an Ultrarange chassis, which integrates a custom-tuned UltraCush Lite formula co-mold midsole that’s bonded to the traditional Vans waffle grip outsole. More simply, it’s a fancy cupsole that's lightweight and flexible like a vulc without sacrificing support or durability.

Other features of note are the Ultrarange Pro’s angular lines that help make it the most athletically inspired Vans shoe we’ve seen. It’s a performance skate shoe in every sense of the word. A sock-fit Luxliner Bootie construction comes in the way of elastic wings that are sewn flush with the tongue. The bootie fit makes the tongue feel more like a third panel that rests on top of your foot, giving your foot support from every angle. Combined with a traditional lacing system, the UltraRange Pro delivers full support and comfort. On the inside side panel, a mesh screen provides optimum breathability.

The one-piece suede vamp is wrapped around the Vans’ Duracap, a rubber underlay that reinforces the shoe in high-wear areas. Unlike most skate shoes that are being produced today, the Ultrarange does not have a removable insole. The UltraCush Lite sockliner is bonded to the wafflegrip. But as the name indicates, the Ultracush Lite liner is lightweight, so you should be fine if you wanted to drop in a Footprint or Remind Insole for some added cushion or support.

The UltraRange Pros will be live on CCS Saturday June, 17!

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