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40’s and shorties is a clothing brand out of Los Angeles, CA that takes inspiration from a lifestyle everyone knows, has lived, or has thought about leading - a life of reckless abandon. All nighters, breakfast beers, fast women, smoking, cocktails, strip clubs, roadtrips, general debauchery - as the name implies, 40's and Shorties designs apparel that reflects a life of not giving a fuck. We’re proud to announce we’re now carrying 40’s & Shorties.

In honor of CCS starting to carry 40’s & Shorties, I thought I’d share a story about my first experience with a 40 oz and a few of the lessons I learned along the way.

I was 15 and a few friends and I took the bus downtown with the intention of finding a bum to buy us some 40's - super intelligent decision. We got our 40's, but the bum wanted to hangout and drink with us, which ultimately led to us getting rolled drinking near one of the first bus stops you hit coming into downtown San Diego - near the city college. Lesson one from this story: don’t hang out with homeless people on the street in the afternoon drinking 40’s.

The cop took pity on us telling us he would let us go with a warning after taking down our information. That was bullshit. He called all of our parents. Not knowing this, we started skating random spots downtown making our way to the beach thinking we were in the clear. Miraculously, our friend’s parents found us and took us home. We got a pretty stern lecture about life decisions and a quick tutorial on hepatitis might've been in there too. Lesson two: if a cop takes down your information, she’s probably going to call your parents, or at the very least run your name.

My parents were surprisingly cool about it. I think they said something like, “It sounds like you had an interesting day.” I was surprised they knew. I naively was still under the impression my parents hadn’t been called. In the end, I think I had taken all of one sip of my 40. Truth be told, the whole situation sucked. I wish we had just gone and skated the city college instead. Lesson three: If you’re going to take a city bus all the way downtown, at least get a good skate session in before you do anything stupid.

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