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Name: Koki Kasai
Age: 26
Hometown: Rosemead,CA
Am Project Sponsors: Krew, Lakai, Element, Indy, Ricta

How long have you bee skateboarding and how did you get into it?

Ive been skating since I was like 12 and my homies Geoff and Taiyo got me into skating. They ripped and I just started shredding with them.

Tell us about your hometown? What's your local scene like? Rosemead's a chill place, its like 5 mins from East LA and not too many skaters are from out here. In my eyes Tamalez, Shimizu and J Hernandez kept it alive in Rosemead.

Who are you favorite pros/ams? What pros inspire you? Why?

Some of my favorite pros are Reynolds, Rowley, Koston, and all the Green Room homies like Nuge, Slash, Baca, Clint Peterson, Liz, New Mex, and Shimizu. Those guys just rip and kill it at life! That’s why they inspire me

How did you find out about the CCS Am Project Video Contest?
I found out about this contest from my buddy Potato.

Did you think you had a shot at winning win you entered or were you clueless about the competition?
I just entered it, I didnt really expect anything

What do you like better, photo's or filming?
Both, but filming is the proof you did something

Do you consider yourself hesh, fresh or both?
I don’t consider myself hesh and I definitely ain’t fresh

Rifle off a few of your favorite spots to eat where you're from.
Rosecity Pizza, IN N Out, My moms pad.

What is your dream spot?
The water n power ledges in downtown even though I suck at ledges.

What are you most looking forward to as a CCS Am Project rider?

I am looking forward to going out and shredding with the rest of the crew.

Describe the filming process for your entree. How long did it take to film? Did you do it just for CCS or had you been holding clips for an opportunity similar to this?
I dont know how long it took but it was just a bunch of footy that I had.

What are your long term goals with skateboarding? Do you hope to have a career as a pro someday?
I’m going to shred till my legs fall off. I don’t think I’ll turn pro or anything, but I’m gonna see how far I can take it. I just like skating

What do you do when you aren't skating?
When I’m not skating I’m trying to shoot photos of my homies skating or I’ll go bowling, or I don’t know just living life!

What do you feel your biggest accomplishment in skating has been so far? Trick, contest, trip, video parts?
I think my biggest accomplishment in skating is getting a photo in Thrasher. It was a while ago but I’m pretty hyped on it.


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