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So Evan, you're in Australia right now? What took you to the other side of the world?Well actually, this time around it was for a holiday. I met up with my lovely girlfriend, Liana Cornell, and went to the Woodford Folk Festival. We had an amazing New Year’s celebration with lots of special times. We happened to be there for Woodford's 30th year anniversary. I met a lot of skateboarders that were interwoven within the crowds of hippies. There are so many shops and classes and tons of bands playing. It was an awesome adventure located out by the Sunshine Coast. After that we made our way back to Byron Bay were the beaches are perfection and summertime is alive. I was surprised by a sunrise hot air balloon ride that lifted us into the clouds and we even stopped over in Sydney for a day to enjoy the town. Australia is an incredible place and I'm lucky to be acquainted with it.

You seem to have embraced traveling pretty well, how often are you on the road? Well they say to travel while you’re young! I've been embracing the fact that I'm not going to be able to travel my entire life. So for now while I have the chance to see this glorious planet, I'm interested in taking advantage of it. I like to extend my stays in foreign countries and get too absorbed in the different cultures and religions. This world is so special.

Are you still living in Pittsburgh when you're not traveling? Yeah, but only for short stints of time, unfortunately. With our music venue in constant development I seem to miss out on infrastructural nuances that I'd like to be a part of. But we as family are always having conversations pertaining to our trajectory, keeping the ball moving forward and with skateboarding, there is no time to waist. While my body is intact, I'd like to take full advantage of mind, body and spirit aligning me to push down the streets of any place I may end up. Skateboarding is a beautiful thing. It has led me to real peace.

Pittsburgh is kind of an under the radar place as far as skating goes. What about it keeps you there? Well like I said we own a music venue which is an 800 capacity, 18th century church located in Millvale, PA, just outside downtown Pittsburgh. We also run a nonprofit through the department of human services that allows us to teach troubled youth about music and production. My aunt Liz Berlin heads up the majority of the program but I chime in too. I'd like to start a program similar, but using skateboarding as an outlet for these kids that have no guidance or parenting. I think this is an awesome program for skateboarders to focus on. By getting more people skateboarding any way we can, our circles shall grow.

Can you explain a little more about what it's like living in a venue? Yeah, I converted a classroom into a living space that suited my style. I did some paint and the place polished up very nicely. My next addition will be a manual espresso machine.

How long have you been playing music? For 8 years I've been playing. I got 88 to go!

Does your band go on tour the same way you do for skating? We have toured but due to my skateboarding really taking off and my urge to see the planet I seem to neglect the band. We are currently working on our second record. Our first is available on iTunes! We're called "The Drowning Clowns".

You have skated to your own music right? What does that feel like to watch a part to your own song? Well we would actually morph the songs to fit the part and also morph the editing to work with the movements. I like going fast, and I like experimental music so that was my inspiration. Chris Ray and I worked long hours due to me trying to be creative. I love how he listens to my input it makes me really happy when we get through a project. We have worked on “The Cinematographers Project “by Transworld, and “The Evan Smith Experience “that was released by DC shoes and Element.

You recently started skating in Street League, what's that like? It's amazing. I'm really excited about this year. It's so cool to have so many fans of skateboarding and all the people behind the scenes in one place. I'm happy to be a part of such a huge thing.

Are you homies with most of the Street League guys or do you keep to yourself there? Personally, the only reason I go is because those are my homies. I am interested in the contest format but most interested in having some good times with good people. Skateboarding is in a really cool place and everyone is so damn talented. Blessings to all of them!

When did you first get on DC and how did that go down? Jeff Pang and the local reps in Florida got me a box. I remember opening it and getting like eight pairs. I was tripping! At a time where product was scarce and laces are being thrown at you, my life changed and now they are sending my shoe out to little rippers and they are experiencing the same thing. I'm so happy to still be a part of the DC crew. Homies for life. Yes on Wes!

Did you ever think you would be getting your own shoe?I did not think of this as a possibility until I just asked them once, and they just said yes. It's incredible what can happen when someone has a drive and knows how to express that drive. It blew me away! Anyone can walk that path that's the coolest part. Just always ask about your place, and you'll get an answer. If it's not the one you want to hear then work harder.

Explain a bit about the process of getting your own shoe. Did you have input on the design or colorways?We all sat at a round table and came up with our concept and then started actually drawing it on a digital sheet. I got to draw the lines a bit which was insane. We picked out materials and decided to produce a sample. It was almost perfect the first time around. It took a huge team all over the world though.

Is there anyone who has helped make this shoe a reality that you want to thank?I'd like to thank DC shoes for existing and giving us all an opportunity to exist. May the vibrations of our actions affect this world of skateboarding with light, finesse, and beauty. Respect your brothers and sisters. Thank yourselves. Thank you skateboarding. Thank you consciousness. Have fun out there skateboarding and grab our new shoe - you can actually feel your board!

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