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Let’s face it, whatever board you’re riding is the right one. As long as you’re rolling, then you’re doing it right. But when the sad time comes that you have to put your old deck to rest, or get rid of those wheels that have just one too many flat spots, there are a lot of choices out there for what to get next. Gear Check is here to show you what your favorite pros and ams are riding just in case you need a little inspiration for your next set up.

Much like most the skaters featured in the Gear Check David Gravette rides his shit until it’s pretty well beat in to the ground. On the day we ran into him this was no exception. It was no surprise that he was riding a Creature Stained Deck in 8.26” and some Stage 11 Indy’s in 139mm, but after those two no brainers it was a little tougher to figure out what he was rolling.

He had a set of Bones 100’s #9 wheels that he had been riding so long we almost couldn’t make out the graphic and a set of Bronson G3 bearings so wonderfully worn in and fast that there was not a shield to be found. Needless to say his sponsors are making the kind of products that he can put through some serious abuse. Watch him abuse them now!

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