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Let’s face it, whatever board you’re riding is the right one. As long as you’re rolling, then you’re doing it right. But when the sad time comes that you have to put your old deck to rest, or get rid of those wheels that have just one too many flat spots, there are a lot of choices out there for what to get next. Gear Check is here to show you what your favorite pros and ams are riding just in case you need a little inspiration for your next set up.

Ever since he busted on to the American skate scene a few years ago Carlos Ribeiro has been constantly amazing everyone who sees him step on a board. Somehow his bag of tricks consists of not a few, but all of the hardest tricks you could ever imagine. It must be something in the water down in Brazil. Naturally, after getting constant coverage and putting out multiple video parts Carlos has been bestowed a pro model from Paul Rodriguez and the rest of the boys over at Primitive Skate. Turning pro is one thing, but having P-Rod turn you pro is quite another. Carlos broke in one of his new pro models for us at Cherry Park last week and he continues to be incredibly easy on the eyes.

Yellow skateboards are always a good choice. Seeing bright colors under your feet when you flip your sled just increases the amount of dopamine in the old brain bucket. A nice butt on your board can also increase dopamine. That being said, you may be able to cancel your Xanax prescription if you come up on one of Carlos's Primitive Banana boards.

It's rad to see tech guys skating Indy's these days. I feel like when I was young, Indy's were reserved for beer drinking and pool grinding and if you wanted to skate a small ledge you were shunned in to a land full of Grind Kings and Ti Lites. If you know about either of those truck companies, then you are old like the person writing this. Anyway, Carlos rides the Independent Hollow Axle 139's and proves that switch flip over crooks are just as good as pool coping, and whether he drinks it or not, I want to buy him a beer.

Autobahn has been quietly killing it for years with quality urethane, great art direction, and a killer team. Something about the cores on these wheels make you want to eat Jello. Maybe that's just me? Carlos proves even further that the team is killing it by executing all his moves on ‘ze Autobahn. Are there speed limits in Brazil?

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