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Going outdoors won’t be any fun if the oceans are too polluted to swim in and the air quality so toxic you won’t be able to snowboard or skate without a mask or oxygen tank. Hannah Eddy realized everything she and her husband pro snowboarder, Tim Eddy, hold dear - skating, surfing, snowboarding, and enjoying the outdoors with friends - could be all taken away if we all don’t start making changes to help take care of the planet. Preserving our natural resources, living a sustainable life, eliminating waste, and recycling when possible isn’t just something we need to do for future generations, it’s something we need to do for this generation.

Do Radical is Hannah and Tim’s lead by example approach to making a difference. Armed with laptops, cameras, smartphones, and their Radical Roamer (The Camper they live out of when travelling on the road), Do Radical is inspiring its followers to live a more simple life and reduce their environmental impact one post at a time. Whether its a tandem bicycle ride across the country, participating in snow events to raise awareness and money for other radical organizations like and wedrinkwater, living in a small, sustainable cabin (that they built with the help of their friends), or opting to splitboard instead of riding resorts, Do Radical is choosing to enjoy nature in a more thoughtful, conscious way that inspires others to do the same.

Dakine teamed up with Do Radical to bring you the Do Radical Collection, a collection of apparel and backpacks featuring recycled fabrics and designs inspired by Do Radical’s nomadic lifestyle.

The Do Radical x Dakine Collection will go live on early September 2017.

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The Radical Roamer The Radical Roamer
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