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A comfortable pair of shorts are key when it comes to having a kick ass summer. Whether you rocking some cutoffs made from your old favorite pants or a pair of basketball shorts doesn’t matter. The fact is, when it’s hot, the last thing you want on your legs are pants, which is why in this post we’re going to be talking all about casual shorts. The beauty of this category often referred to as walkshorts is that they can practically be anything.13774680_321576414854178_2029602139_n The first style we’re going to talk about is the ever-versatile basketball shorts or sport shorts. It’s funny that while this style of shorts were designed for playing basketball and working out, more often than not, they’re the shorts you wear around the house, chilling in the shade, or to the pool. But shorts like the Nike SB Dry Sunday Shorts are also rad to skate in thanks to the 100% polyester Dri-Fit tech construction that includes an inseam gusset for a maximum range of motion. Other shorts in this category worth looking at are the Diamond Supply Co. Raceway Sweat Shorts, a 100% Cotton construction pair of shorts that are essentially a super swagged out version of your gym shorts from school, and the Vissla Sofa Surfer Weekend Warrior Shorts. The Sofa Surfers are cut like a boardshort, but feature all the comfort of a 100% Cotton construction complete with side entry pockets, a drawstring waistband, and Vissla woven labels.14730692_1257127861018794_5596560141529907200_n In terms of function and style, a walkshort is very similar to a skate short. The only true differences being materials, cut, and overall style. Most of the shorts we talked about in our skate shorts post were workwear inspired cuts and construction, while the casual shorts we’re going to be talking about here are more along the lines of traditional walshorts or chino shorts. The Vans Authentic Stretch Shorts, Volcom SNT Creeper 19" Shorts, and the Obey Lagger Patch Pocket Shorts are all good examples of walkshorts. They’re comfortable, typically have a shorter inseam, and are more of a casual, straight leg fit versus the slightly tapered leg of skate shorts.12918517_1194717067206146_1144714739_n As for hybrid shorts (shorts that are designed to swim in or look like boardshorts and function like regular shorts), our first round pick goes to the Volcom SNT Creeper 19" Shorts. These beauties feature a 4-way stretch fabric that dries quickly and comes with mesh pocket bags for quick drainage in water and easy storage when you’re not. Other hybrid shorts of note are the Billabong Crossfire X Shorts, the Brixton Prospect Service Shorts, and the Brixton Transport Cargo Shorts.16908314_1210361772409821_4103488565793521664_n For us up in the Pacific Northwest, the summers are tragically short, making every hour of summer sunlight a precious commodity. If you’re looking to capitalize on every second of summer sun like we are, make sure to grab a pair of one of the above shorts. Be it sport shorts, hybrid shorts, cargo shorts, sport shorts, or skate shorts, you’re going to need something comfortable if you’re going to be out there skating or chilling this summer.
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