CCS Workwear - Your New Go-To Jacket

When we told our homie Adam Arunksi that we were going to be in his hood and that we needed some kickflips done, he stepped up to the challenge. Adam is no stranger to the kickflip so he decided to step it up a few notches. Since we wanted him to put the DC Wes Kremer 2’s to the test, and that’s his everyday shoe, he felt comfortable enough to make the challenge a little harder for himself. He let us in to the Zero Garage and broke out Jamie Thomas’ quiver of shred sleds in an attempt to do his 100 flicks on as many different boards as possible. The fact that he did over half of them to fakie on a mini ramp really made this 100 Kickflips one of the best yet. See how the Wes 2’s held up on 15 different types of grip tape in this week’s 100 Kickflip Challenge!

Pick up some DC Kremer 2's!

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