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  • Jackets for Skaters
    Rain and wind are two of skateboarding’s natural enemies, which makes skating in the winter challenging for skaters in many parts of the world. But when the sky does clear up, and there is a chance of skating to be done, a good jacket is a must. Skate jackets, like most winter athletic apparel, are designed to be worn in layers, so you can shed them as you warm up while you skate. Every skate shop in America has a handful of coaches jackets for this very reason. Coaches jackets are lightweight, keep the rain out, and pack away quickly when you don’t need them. You won’t have much luck looking for a skateboard coach jacket because skateboarding doesn’t have coaches. No, what you’re looking for is something like the Hundreds Bar Coaches Jacket. While the Hundreds isn’t technically a skate brand because it doesn’t have a skate team or sell boards, you would still be safe calling it a skate jacket.
    Jackets for Skaters
  • Skate Jackets at CCS
    Skate Jackets at CCS
    Skateboard jackets is a fairly broad term that includes anything from a windbreaker to an anorak windbreaker to a heavily insulated jacket that some might even confuse with a snowboard jacket. The easiest way to distinguish skateboard jackets from anything else is by brand. If you walked into a shop and told them you liked Spitfire Clothing and wanted a jacket, they’d know what you were looking for. Just as if you were to plug that information into our website. Odds are if a skate company makes apparel, it makes jackets too.