Vans Original Authentic Skate Shoes

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The very first, and possibly still the most favored of the Vans shoes, is the Vans Authentic. The Vans Authentic was the first shoe produced by the company in California in 1966, and the Vans Originals are a line of shoes derived directly from this first success.

Vans Originals strive for a classic look, with a relatively slim profile, lightweight design, and infinite options in color and pattern. The Authentic, Era, Slip-On, Old Skool, Sk8-Hi, and Chukka models represent the bulk of the Vans Originals line. Each model utilizes the responsive and grippy vulcanized rubber sole which initially attracted customers to Vans in the 60’s.

All slightly varied, each model of Vans Originals has something unique to offer. The Slip-On, clearly the most simple, doesn’t want to waste time with laces. Easy off, easy on, perfect for adventures on the beach. The Era is a slightly beefed up version of the Slip-On design, but with laces and increased ankle support.

The Old Skool and Chukka models of Vans Originals offer a bit more support, for anyone with a bit longer walk to the surf, or for skaters who favor a lighter shoe. The Sk8-Hi fits a similar need, but with a high-top design for increased ankle support.

Despite their differences, each model of the Vans Originals line keeps it simple. Born of a design that has stood the test of 50 years, and with new colors keeping their look fresh, it’s safe to says the Vans Originals are here to stay.