Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro 2 Shoes

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The Gilbert Crockett Pro uses a suede and canvas upper material, reinforced with Duracap inlays to hold up against grip tape wear. An UltraCush HD footbed offers the highest level of impact cushioning, while the revolutionary Vans Wafflecup construction allows superior grip, boardfeel, and support.

  • Suede and Canvas upper
  • Wafflecup outsole
  • UltraCush HD footbed
  • Duracap upper reinforcement
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Awesome shoes, feel great
Vans is really stepping up their game in the new pro lines. These shoes feel great, and look great. Nothing else to say!!
Love it
Absolutely love this shoe. The build quality is great with a fantastic high - impact sole that still allows you to have great board control. Overall very stylish and sleek looking. Definitely would wear at any occasion. Really durable sole with great extra padding for the nose cap of the shoe where you flick.
Great product, fast shipping, great price
The shoes are great, arrived on time. Very competitive prices.
Solid shoes
Shoes feel solid and the insoles are so nice.
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100 Kickflips in the Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro 2 Shoes
The Vans Gilbert Crockett Pros are a seriously stylish and durable skate shoe. So durable and so stylish that Matt and Kevin were a tad nervous at how tough the new Vans Gilbert Crockett 2 were going to be. As the days neared for the Crockett Pro 2 to show up at the CCS warehouse, the shoe began to take on a larger than life persona. We all started to contribute rumors we had heard about the shoe's comfort and durability. The rumors ran rampant. Kevin and Matt decided there wasn’t a single skateboarder worthy to take on the mighty Crockett Pro 2. There was only one solution: if one man couldn’t skate through them, it would have to be two. For this very special edition of our CCS 100 kickflip wear test, we called in two out of work wrestlers to perform 50 of the nastiest, brutalist, most down right dirty kickflips (from the high ropes) we’ve ever seen. Each did 50 in the same pair of Crockett 2s. Among the kickflips were elbow drops, fishhooks, outsole (and insole) biting, eyelet gouging, and so on. The duo put the new Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro 2’s to the test and mysteriously disappeared.
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Select from image library:
Image preview:
Where you place the graphic is where we will print it on the cuff.
Image preview:
Resize Image
Images must be 2250 x 750 to ensure a quality result
1 APPLY GRAPHIC TO LEG: (Select one or both)
2 SELECT POSITION: (Select one or both)


How do you do this?

Each and every cuff print is truly a custom job. Our Print Specialists in Portland, Oregon prep all garments and graphics by hand and then we use the latest in direct-to-garment printing technology to produce exceptional prints.

Will you print any art I submit?

We can print almost anything you submit. We can’t print any copyrighted material in which you aren’t the rights holder. For example, we can’t print another company’s logo or a Spiderman graphic. In general, we reserve the right to reject any art at our discretion.

You will receive a full refund if you submit art that we can’t print.

Are you printing on the inside or outside of the pant?

We are only printing on the inside of the pant so the you’ll only be able to see the graphic if you cuff it.

How will fabric types and colors affect the print?

Our focus is on getting you a beautiful result. Because we are working with different fabrics (denim and chinos) and loads of different colors, individual graphics won’t necessarily appear the same on different fabric & color combinations.

The biggest factor that determines how the graphic looks and feels is if we lay down a white ink base layer and then print your graphic on top of it. To use white or to not use white? That is the question. The results are awesome either way – but they produce a different outcome. When we print on lighter-colored fabrics, we try to avoid using white. Even if the graphic has some white in it, we won’t necessarily use white ink, preferring to have the fabric color itself stand in for the white. Without white ink, you can see the gentle outlines of the fabric even with the graphic on top of it. It looks amazing. The color may end up being a bit more muted than in the graphic file itself but we think the trade-off is worth it because it looks So. Damn. Good.

When we do use white ink? When brightness, in our judgment, really matters. We lay down a white base layer if the fabric is darker, the white is an essential part of the graphic, or if we really think it’s important for the colors to pop.

Our Print Specialists are trained to make a solid judgment call as to when to use white ink or not. Sometimes, it’s a no brainer, like if we’re printing on a blank pant. Other times it’s more art than science and we just focus on whatever we think will look the best.

What portion of the pant leg is the “Art Board” displaying?

The Art Board is displaying the inside pant leg at the bottom. It’s the area a person would see if they were looking at you while you were wearing the pants.

Where exactly will my graphic or Scribble be placed on the cuff and how big will it be?

For Custom Uploads and Scribbles: Place your custom graphic or Scribble inside the dotted lines above and we will print it in approximately the same spot you request it. We say “approximately” because the width of the pant leg changes based on the fit of the pant (e.g. relaxed fit pants have wider legs than skinny fit pants).

Your custom graphic or Scribble can be up to 2.5 inches high. When selecting your image height and placement, give consideration to how you like rolling your pants. For example, if you prefer a 1.25” roll, you may want to keep the graphic at approximately 1” and place it in the middle of the dotted line area above. See placement and sizing examples below.

For Artist Series prints: We select the placement and size of the art. The images of the Artist Series that are provided indicate the placement and the size. It is up to you though to determine which Positions you want the art (Left Leg / Front; Left Leg, Back; Right Leg / Front; Right Leg / Back).

For Custom Uploads, what size do the images need to be?

Images must be 2250x750 to ensure a quality result. Smaller images may work just fine as well but we recommend 2250x750. If we feel that the image you provide is too small or can’t be reproduced faithfully, we will try to contact you time permitting. We can’t guarantee this though given the volume of custom jobs we are producing. Custom uploaded graphics are subject to our return policy described below.

Are the pants returnable?

Because pants with prints are custom made, they are not returnable. The only exception: if they are damaged upon arrival in which case they must be sent back within 7 days of receipt. Pants without prints are returnable subject to our normal return policies.

What are the care instructions?

We recommend machine washing in cold water and machine drying on a low tumble dry setting.

We utilize special inks that hold up very well when washed with these settings. Pants printed with a white ink base layer will have a heavier, tackier feel than pants without white, especially when new. This tackier feel will be reduced somewhat upon washing but will still exist because more ink is used with the application of the white base layer.

When will my pants ship out to me?

Because of the custom nature of the work, custom pants can take up to three business days to be produced and ship out of our warehouse.

What if you want to order a large number of pants with same graphic?

Let’s say you want to order several pants with the same graphic, perhaps for you and your crew. If you plan to order six or more pairs of pants with the same graphic, shoot us an email at or give us a call and we can work to streamline the ordering process for you.