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In this issue
  • CCS Catalog - December 2015
  • Interview with Greyson Fletcher
  • Tampa Am Recap
  • Gear Check with Ben Raybourn
  • CCS Questionnaire with Alex Midler
  • Pro Skaters' Christmas Wishlists
  • Back Light

Blake Johnson is no stranger to swimming up stream. He was laying these Smith Grinds down, or I guess, up the hubba all weekend.
Kevin Baekkel came all the way from Norway to fly to the top rope in the bowl jam and the crowd was glad that he did.
Jake Wooten was out cold after a heavy slam sent him straight to his dome, but thankfully he was alright.
Kevin Braun has Nollie Flip board slides better than most have nollies.
Zion Wright grew up skating the park and he has learned the ins and outs of this flat bar. Back Smith with his heels clicking.
 Cody Chapman has a mean boneless in a world full of stinkers. Sadly Cody broke his arm shortly after this was taken and spent the rest of the evening in the hospital. Get well soon Cody!
See, I told you Jake Wooten was alright! He was blasting 1 footers less than 24 hours after knocking himself out.
Dashawn Jordan is at home on any piece of terrain. These Frontside Ollies were just as impressive as his Lazer Flips.
Kevin White came prepared for the weekend with the appropriate headwear. Thanks Tampa for a great weekend!
It never fails to provide a high energy weekend full of insane skating and wild nights

The legendary Tampa Am should be something to experience at least once in your life. It never fails to provide a high energy weekend full of insane skating and wild nights that leave you dreaming of next year the second you're on a plane to head home. It's amazing that these boys are able to pack so much in to just a few days, but in the short time we were there we saw multiple different contests, live musical performances, and even a few celebrities. One could never manage to document the whole weekend and do it justice, but we managed to snap some of the skating highlights for you with a few added extras.