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Shorty’s skateboards was an influential company during skateboarding’s golden era of skateboarding – the mid 90’s. Shorty’s has returned to its roots, focusing on delivering some of the best hardware in the industry. The brand was founded in 1992 by Tony Buyalos and April Hamrick, who wanted to make time-tested skate hardware that could handle the abuse of the skater’s lifestyle. Shorty’s really catapulted in popularity when it signed on pro skater Chad Muska, who helped develop the brand’s deck division and helped market to street skaters through videos like Fulfill the Dream. CCS is the best place to stock up on all your Shorty’s skateboard hardware.

Despite the success of Shorty’s skateboard decks, the company announced in April of 2011 that it would no longer be producing skateboards. While many Shorty’s fanatics were disappointed to hear this news, it meant that the company would spend more time focusing on its legendary hardware and bearings. They’re well-known in skating communities for their rugged skateboard mounting hardware, including the original Shorty’s Silverado Mounting Hardware, which is noteworthy because it features two silver screws that help distinguish the nose from the tail. You’ll find this skateboard hardware plus Allen mounting hardware and more at CCS.

Shorty’s is also a good pick for anyone looking for high-quality skateboard bearings. Shorty’s bearings are made for a fast, smooth ride, and they’re super-reliable for the everyday skater. Even though Shorty’s stopped producing skate decks years ago, they still have a loyal following in the skate industry. Because of this, the company makes a large collection of apparel that helps diehard Shorty’s fans rep the brand. CCS has a great collection of Shorty’s skateboard hardware and extras for a wide range of applications. All of these products qualify for free shipping when you spend $50 or more, and come with no sales tax.