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Today Nike Skateboarding (Nike SB and Nike SB Shoes) have become the gold standard -- their lines of Nike Skate shoes, apparel, and tech have devoted fans who line up to purchase product the way some would for tickets to a concert by their favorite band. When people see something they like, they act quickly. Because when it comes to Nike SB – especially Nike SB Quick Strikes - it’s here today, gone tomorrow.

But how did Nike SB shoes begin? What’s the history of Nike Skate Shoes? In 2002, Nike SB (Nikesbs) started fairly small with four core shoes: the Dunk SBs – Gino, Supa, Forbes, and Mulder. Later that year, the Supreme x Nike Dunk Low was born. And skaters and sneaker fanatics went nuts for all of them.

The Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Forbes a.k.a. Reese Forbes a.k.a Nike SB Forbes: With its two-tone denim and punch-of-red outsole, the shoe designed by legendary pro skater and ollie master Reese Forbes was an instant classic. Nothing else looked or felt like it. And today, amongst collectors, the Forbes is considered a sacred shoe.

The Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Mulder a.k.a. Mulders a.k.a Nike SB Mulder: Skate legend and California native Richard Mulder chose the colorway: a bright blue swoosh on a clean white background, as the ultimate show of respect for his beloved Los Angeles Dodgers. The Mulder versions of the Dunk were serious shoes for skaters who knew what they loved and what they wanted to wear doing it.

The Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Gino a.k.a. Gino Iannucci a.k.a Nike SB Ginos: Long Island-native Gino Iannucci reached legendary status with his mind-blowing technique and undeniable style after he came onto the skateboarding scene. And his first SB shoes, when they launched in 2002, did the same. With rare materials at the time such as suede, Nubuck, and perforated leather, the Ginos were instant classics.

The Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Supa a.k.a Danny Supas a.k.a. Nike SB Supas: These dunks are rare and hard to find. Released in 2002, the shoes’ brilliant color scheme was based on Danny Supas’ favorite baseball team: the New York Mets. With their bright blue swoosh, white, and safety orange colorway, the shoes were immediate standouts. They were the shoes to see and be seen in by skaters and skate lovers who could get their hands on a pair.

Then, came the Supreme Dunk Low a.k.a Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Lows, which is considered the last of the originals. It was a collaboration between Nike and the skate shop Supreme – and it’s when the cement print was introduced to the world. Yup, concrete for the concrete.

And while their shoes became legendary, so did the names behind them. Nike SB (Nikesb) riders are truly some of the biggest names in the world including Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston, Sean Malto, and Theotis Beasley. These skate masters lend not only their names, but their expertise and creativity to the brand that we are proud to carry.

Finally, any description of Nike SB shoes wouldn’t be complete without talking about Stefan Janoski and the Nike Zoom SB Stefan Janoski skate shoe. If you like your shoes comfortable, your grip tight, and your look subtle, then the Zoom SB can’t ignored. The Janoski silhouette is simple and minimalistic – with brilliant colorways, patterns and styles that keep skaters enthralled season after season.