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In this issue
  • CCS Catalog - December 2015
  • Interview with Greyson Fletcher
  • Tampa Am Recap
  • Gear Check with Ben Raybourn
  • CCS Questionnaire with Alex Midler
  • Pro Skaters' Christmas Wishlists
  • Back Light

Little Jaws has had a big year so he clearly deserves more than a lump of coal.
Reynolds is all about staying in tip top shape so he can keep hucking and chucking with the best of them. It turns out treating your body like a temple can really help you hold your position as The Boss.
All that little Benny Raybourn wants for Christmas is a pair of indestructible glasses. You know, the kind that can fly 80 feet through the air and land in a pile of pigeon juice at Burnside and not have a scratch on them!
Santa has been following young Brandon on Instagram all year, so he knew exactly what kind of Christmas supplies he would need to keep those jaw dropping clips coming.
For little Christopher this year since Santa has noticed a spike in beard growth all over the world he is bringing a small but powerful vile of high octane beard oil.
Even though Santa thought Geoff would be asking for a new board sponsor he was surprised to see all sorts of hunting and survival gear on his list. He's probably got that whole board thing under control.
Jimmy Greco didn't get his list to Santa until last minute this year, because he was busy as all hell screen printing boards and maintaining a world class skateboard facility.
Mike Mo will forever have "new iPhone" on his Christmas list, because if it exists with an i on it, he has it. Santa went above and beyond this year to score him the unreleased iPhone 7, complete with 10K video, 500 frame slow mo, and an app that cooks yo
Paul kept it pretty mellow on his list this year, but if you could find it in your heart Santa, the keys to a new Bentley would be ideal. If you can't swing it he probably works hard enough to make it happen on his own.
Nyjah is a tough one to shop for, even for Santa. He stopped making a list about the same time he started winning every contest in sight and buying cars and houses.
Every year it gets harder and harder to figure out the exactly what you want from that random "Uncle"

Every year the holidays creep up and the endless barrage of gift-giving and receiving hits its yearly peak. If you're like us, every year it gets harder and harder to figure out the exactly what you want from that random "Uncle" who gives you a gift every year, but isn't actually related to you in any way. Well, professional skaters aren't any different. We commissioned a group of pros to come up with exactly what they want for Christmas this year. Between gifts that will up style points, to practical, injury-preventing gifts, take a look in to the lives, and more importantly, the wishes of these 10 pro skaters in our Pro Skaters' Christmas Wishlists. Here you have it!