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  • CCS Catalog - August 2015
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  • Meet the CCS Team
  • CCS Collection
  • Preston Harper's Midwest Migration
  • Santa Cruz Road Trip Slide Show
  • CCS Questionnaire: Chris Haslam
  • Brand Spotlight: Lakai
  • Gear Check with Jaws
  • Back Light

Chris Milic Frog
Ben Raybourn FS Ollie
Preson Harper Ollie

Meet the CCS Team

Remember when a skateboard team was more than a collection of dudes who were just really, ridiculously talented? The best skateboard teams in history have all had one thing in common: they were made up of good friends. You can't really have a good time without your friends, and you don't want to put together a skateboard team without having a good time.

And that’s how our new CCS skate team begins.

Aside from the fact that Preston, Chris, and Ben are all friends, they also happen to be ridiculously good at skateboarding. Take some time now to meet the boys and keep your eyes peeled for lots more coming from them soon!

You can't really have a good time without your friends, and you don't want to put together a skateboard team without having a good time

If you don't know who Ben is by now, then you may also not know what a cement skatepark is and it’s time you got to know both. Ben is as natural as anyone could ever be when he steps on a skateboard and the only way to kill his vibe is to ask him to do a trick again. He can do it, but it won't be the same. Usually, the first time he does something is the best time and once it floats out in to space it's gone for good and you won't see it the same way again. Ben's skating is as organic and spur of the moment as it gets. Watch his videos and look at his photos, but see him skate in person if you ever have the chance. No matter what it takes, it will be worth it.

Name: Benjamin Edward Raybourn

Age: 23

Sponsors: Birdhouse, Nike SB, Independent, Bones Wheels, Bronson Speed Co., Plague Hardware, CCS

Hometown: Rosenburg, Texas is where I'm from, but I live in Portland, Oregon, so either one of those works.

Years Skating: 14? That's my closest guess.

Things to do when I'm not skating: Walk around aimlessly and collect silly things.

Favorite Cereal: I'm not a big fan of cereal. I like a hearty breakfast filled with proteins and grains, but in a life or death situation I'd probably chose Cap'n Crunch due to the fact that it's plain, but kinda sweet.

How many boards can you ollie (don't lie): What size are the boards? How are they positioned? Can I use a ramp? These are all variables that would affect my answer.

Music that gets you stoked: Really bad music that makes people feel uncomfortable and makes me think they're judging me, and The Cure.

Favorite video part: Too many parts from too many eras to pick just one, so I can't really answer that.

Chris got the nickname "Mango" from a bottle of cheap Mango punch he saw in a grocery store one day. That’s all it takes to change your life forever if you're Chris Milic. To say he’s a free spirit is an understatement. Telling Chris to do anything usually results in some sort of weird and twisted version of what you originally asked - but it's probably a lot better than what you had in mind in the first place. When he's not skating, he spends a lot of time painting, making music, and generally effing around. The world needs skateboarders like Chris who keep the same fire alive that Gonz and Natas lit so many years ago. Without Chris Milic, things may get boring.

Name: Chris Milic

Age: 24

Sponsors: Welcome Skateboards, Krux Trucks, CCS

Hometown: Tempe, Arizona

Years Skating: 12

Things to do when I'm not skating: Paint, play music, play Starfox 64 with Pat, get buff, play Super Smash Bros with Diego and Gary, go on the Internet! Call Logan.

Favorite Cereal: Quaker Oatmeal Squares mother beep!!!

How many boards can you ollie (don't lie): Just one standing straight up.

Music that gets you stoked: Marvin Gaye!!!

Favorite video part: Right now, I'm thinking some sorta T-Funk part. I think the entire Skate-tank video by Shake Junt right now.

In today’s skateboarding climate, it’s more and more common for your favorite skateboarders to spend their time off a board working a 9-5 or something similar to that. Preston Harper is a great example of that type of skater. Riding for smaller brands and supporting what he really appreciates, he spends the other half of his time pouring beer or bussing tables to pay the bills. Meanwhile he is still putting out more footage than most people get in a year within a span of three months. He also funds his own travel every summer and takes himself to places all over the world in search of new shredding. Preston is the type of dude who makes it happen for himself. We’re stoked to be able to help him make it happen now, too.

Name: Preston Shea Harper

Age: A young 26

Sponsors: Send Help, OJ, Freedumb Airlines, Dry Bones Nation, CCS

Hometown: Skatesdale AZ, whoops… Scottsdale*

Years Skating: 18

Things to do when I'm not skating: Take pictures, paint, film and edit shitty skate video with my budz, watch a lot of TV, eat as much food as I can fit in my stomach in a day, play Pac Man at the local pub, granny-beers (beers with my grandma), try to take over the world.

Favorite Cereal: That's hard. Either Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Cap'n Crunch, if I'm going the sugary route. But, if I’m trying to be a little bit healthier then the maple pecan Trader Joes stuff.

How many boards can you ollie (don't lie): To be honest, probably 100.

Music that gets you stoked: Andrew Jackson Jihad, Built to Spill, Blink 182, Dick Dale, Bully, Smashing Pumpkins, No Age, and Weezer.

Favorite video part: Ed Templeton's part from Welcome to Hell.