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  • CCS Catalog
  • Brimley Bachelor Party
  • Back Light: Ryan Flynn/Nike SB Chronicles 3
  • Gear Check with Cairo Foster
  • 100 Kickflips in the DC Evan Smith Shoes
  • Nike SB Ishod Dunk Wair Test
  • Watch Gene BASE Jump
  • Emerica X Indy Reynolds Wear Test
  • The Hundreds Steven Backpack
  • Ben Raybourn Backflips At Nike SB Park
  • CCS Featured Artist: Jacob Messex
  • Productivity Review: Ryan Lay
  • Back Light: Ben Karpinski
  • Krux Jelly Bean Party
  • Gear Check with Tom Karangelov
  • Nike SB Zoom GTS Wear Test
  • 100 Kickflips in Adidas Adi Ease Shoes
  • Ryan Lay For CCS
  • Productivity Review: Jordan Sanchez
  • Jaws Tests FP Insoles
  • CCS Questionnaire with Brad Cromer
  • Back Light: John Mehring
  • Welcome Weekend
  • Interview with Evan Smith
  • Watch Gene Get Hit By Two Cars
  • Nike SB All Court CK Wear Test
  • Gear Check with David Gravette
  • Agenda 2016 Recap
  • CCS Questionnaire with Jordan Hoffart
  • CCS Featured Artist: Michael Bialecki
  • Back Light

CCS Questionnaire with Jordan Hoffart

CCS Questionnaire with Jordan Hoffart

Who are you?I'm Jordan.

How long have you been skateboarding? Long time.

What companies do you ride for?Stereo, Bones, Theeve, Grizzly, Diamond, Wavy, Dakine, Vox, 9Five, oc ramps, 2undr, etc.

How often do you go skateboarding?I skate everyday.

What was the first trick you learned? FS 180

What was the last trick you learned? Nollie feeble I think?

What is your favorite trick you have ever done? FS flips feel the best.

How old do you think you will be when you can't kickflip anymore? Hopefully that day never comes. But with advances in modern science... 125ish.

What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you on your skateboard? Had a heavy slam that resulted in a gnarly concussion in my digital "get tricks or die tryin" part. I slurred my words for about 6 months after, and couldn't remember people’s names. I'll take a broken bone over a head injury any day.

Which skateboarder has influenced you the most? Busenitz / Cardiel / Mariano. Speed, power and innovation.

What's your all-time favorite board graphic?The Almost Haslam graphic of his grill as the chicks muff. Pretty amazing. There's also the Stereo skateboard, Blues 101 series with historic blues musicians by artist Mark Penxa. One of the best looking art pieces Ive seen on a deck.

What's one thing you don't like about skateboarding?Where do I start?

Do you think skateboarding should be in The Olympics?Nah... But the state of skateboarding today is a lot different then the scene I grew up in. It was a matter of time I guess. But traditionally, nah.

What pisses you off when you're out skateboarding? Getting booted from spots as an adult is pretty frustrating. Half the time the security is younger than I am.

What up-and-coming skateboarders get you stoked?Tanner Vanvark has an unbelievable trick selection. Watching him skate at Tampa was incredible. 3rd lair seems to be producing a grip of new shredders.

If you were told you could only skate one spot for the rest of your life, what would it be? Ah, just drop me off at the Berrics.

If you were trapped on a desert island and could bring three skate videos, which would they be? Mouse, Trilogy, 411 #49 mikey issue.

How do you feel about heel flips? Got me feelin' some type of way.

Is it weird that there's a question about heel flips? There's always been a stigma surrounding that trick. So maybe its faux pas to talk about it?

If you could heel flip anything in the world, what would it be? I got my eye on something.