Canadian UPS Customers

Please be advised: Customs, duties, tariffs and brokerage fees (if applicable) are NOT included in the shipping costs you pay to CCS. You will have to pay these fees to the carrier upon delivery. If you select UPS as your carrier, you can call them ahead of time (1-800-742-5877) to pay these charges. 

UPS WorldWide Expedited. TWO BUSINESS DAYS TO CANADA that is often cheaper than UPS Standard when the Brokerage Fee is considered as part of the all-in cost. The UPS Brokerage Fee for UPS Standard (below) is often more expensive than the Brokerage Fee for UPS Worldwide Expedited. The UPS Brokerage Fee for WorldWide Expedited is the greater of $10 or 2.7% of the purchase price of your order.

UPS Standard: UPS charges a Brokerage Fees that USPS does not. In exchange for this Brokerage Fee, you’ll get faster delivery times and more precise order tracking from UPS than you will with USPS. As stated above, there will be cases where it will be cheaper for you to ship UPS Worldwide Expedited than with UPS Standard when you consider the cost of the Brokerage Fee so make sure you take the Brokerage Fee into consideration when choosing your shipping method.

UPS Standard Brokerage Fees (these do NOT apply to Worldwide Expedited):

UPS Rates