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Penny Skateboards makes skateboarding fun. They revived the plastic skateboard through their high-quality, high-performance and long-lasting boards with a secret plastic formula that’s renowned for its longevity and flexibility. All of their products are made with meticulous attention to detail, to deliver the perfect balance of performance and style.

Penny respects skateboarding – but it doesn’t hold it up on a pedestal. Skateboarding isn’t just a way to get around: it’s a lifestyle, an art, and an outlet. Penny skateboards and products are bright, bold, and visually expressive. The person who rides a Penny is not afraid to show everyone around them that they don’t take life too seriously.

From the early days of creating kicker ramps in the garage, through the creation of an iconic board brand, the founders of Penny still love one thing: putting the fun back into skateboarding. Penny skateboards follow its customers’ moves – and not the other way around. Their skateboards include Penny 22” and Penny 27” Nickel cruisers and they also offer all the basic components in hardware, apparel, and backpacks (so customers can take a board wherever they go).