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Rooted in Skateboarding, Osiris Shoes offers unique street style designs and innovations in footwear, apparel and accessories that reflect our pride and commitment to our culture.

Osiris is a complete footwear brand, with shoes for all segments including, skate, lifestyle, and girls. Over two decades of innovative marketing and unique product designs has Osiris firmly established as one of the most premier skateboard brands available.

OSIRIS - THE GREAT MARK OF CREATIVITY. As forward thinkers, Osiris continues to champion innovation and creativity. This time honored mantra is at the essence of every Osiris product. Starting with a foundation of quality materials, and with an eye on fit and finish, it is the infusion of design and creativity that sets Osiris apart from the rest.

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  • Osiris D3 2001 Shoes
    Like most great stories in skateboarding, the story of the Osiris D3 starts in the early 90’s with a midwestern skateboarder named Dave Mayhew. Mayhew, like many skateboarders of the time, was just getting used to the idea of skating as a career. Street skateboarding, companies, and videos were all progressing, and with them, so was how skate shoes were designed. Shoe companies like Osiris, eS, and DC were exploring how to improve a skate shoe’s durability, comfort, and style by adding more plastic, more foam, and more stitching. It’s hard to believe people were able to skate some of the shoes that were designed in the late 90’s early 2000’s. The D3s are the epitome of excess skate shoe design saw at the time - they’re nearly indestructible “tanks”, which is great for durability, but not so great for boardfeel. Within the first year of the D3’s release, the shoes were selling out across the country. The D3s were a must have for teenagers and became extremely popular in rave culture. The D3 2001 are a re-release of the original D3 design. Whether it’s for nostalgic reasons or that these fun-loving, puffy tanks are working their charm on a whole new generation, or both, we’ll do our best to keep the Osiris D3 shoes in stock.
  • The Indestructible Osiris
    The Indestructible Osiris
    Skate shoes went through a time of excess where puffy tongues and reinforced, triple stitched ollie areas made of tire rubber were the norm. Today, boardfeel and clean design are what sells in skateboarding. Simple suede silhouettes are preferred over the puffy skate shoes designed in the 90’s and early 00’s, but that doesn’t mean the shoes went out of style. Brands like Osiris, DVS, and Globe still design shoes with puffy tongues, triple stitched rubber ollie reinforcements, and printed graphics because they’re still very much in demand - just not with skateboarders. While most skateboarders lovingly refer to these shoes as tanks, shoes like the Osiris D3, Osiris NYC 83, and DVS Celsius had such an effect on popular culture that this style of shoe has been appropriated by other subcultures and gone on to remain popular and successful without the support of skateboarders.
  • Caswell Berry
    Caswell Berry is a man of many names and varied sponsors. With sponsors like Volcom and enjoi, it’s easy to forget that he’s been riding for Osiris for over ten years. Appearing in Osiris videos “Feed the Need” and “Never Gets Old”, enjoi’s famous “Bag of Suck” and “Oververt”, and Volcom’s “Holy Stokes!”, Berry has remained a constant presence in skating.
    Caswell Berry