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It started with a stroke of genius. In 1983, an engineer at Casio – the watch experts – changed everything. He came up with a watch that wasn’t fragile. It was tough. And strong. It could take a hit. You could shake it. You could move with it. You could drop it. You could dish it out, beat it up, and hurt it. G-Shock was born. Or it wasn’t as much born as it was gifted to the world by the gods of watches.

Highly functional, always employing the latest technological advances, and transcending conventional thinking about the watch – or what was the watch – the G-Shock become Casio’s flagship timepiece product.

And they don’t just work. They don’t just last. They look really damn good. There are more than 200 styles that include all the colors and all the design features you dream about at night when you’re dreaming about watches. Because that’s what people dream about, right?