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Fifteen years ago, two of the best, most influential skaters in the world were tired of wearing other people’s stuff. They knew that skate style had been a big influence on fashion but felt that things were becoming less and less authentic. They wanted clothes that they would actually wear. One day, those skaters – the they’ll-forever-be-legendary Eric Koston and Guy Mariano – decided to just go for it and do their own thing. They wanted to create something they’d want to wear and that they thought their friends would like to wear too. For skaters and by skaters. Fourstar was born.

Their influence and their ideas were what got the company off the ground. And its popularity – because of its style, clean lines, simple silhouettes, high-quality and materials – is what has sustained it.

Fourstar makes simple, durable, and good-looking clothes – tees, shirts, tanks, jackets, bottoms, sweatshirts, hats, beanies, bags, and accessories – for the modern badass. Wear them skating. Wear them out. One thing’s for sure, you will wear them. Some of your soon-to-be-favorite outfits are from Fourstar Clothing.