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Bern Unlimited makes high-quality head protection and has been a trusted leader in the action sports industry for more than a decade. The team at Bern is passionate, focused, and committed to providing skaters, snowboarders, skiers, bikers, and wakeboarders with the highest quality adaptable helmets and other protective gear.

Bern has been at the forefront of head protection because the founder and his employees are committed to best-in-class design, innovative manufacturing techniques, high-quality materials and extensive testing. Dennis Leedom, a dedicated skier, biker, snowboarder, and skater, started Bern in 2004. He was dedicated to action sports and knew the crucial importance of head protection. He made it his mission to increase awareness for the need for head protection and to bring the best helmets he could to market. At CCS, we think he has succeeded on both fronts.