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Supra and DGK Pro Keelan Dadd didn't get jack s#*t handed to him; he earned it the old-fashioned way, lots and lots of hard work. Not only does Keelan have the relentless fire in his belly to succeed he also has one of the most complete games in the business of skateboarding. He’s got it all; rails, ledges, ridiculous manual variations; whatever you can conjure he can make happen, and he’ll make it happen switch; with impeccable style, I might add.

In honor of Supra Week here on the CCS Corner we linked up with Keelan. Sit back, sip your favorite cocktail and see how Keelan handles rapid-fire succession of What questions in this edition of What’s What.

What’s your snack food of choice?
Those new Willy Wonka candies. I think they are called Kazoozles.

What Supra teammate do you skate with most?
Boo Johnson

What do you do when the session is over?
Hang out, get some food and plan for the next session. That’s pretty much what we do, at the end of each session we plan the next session.

What keeps you motivated?
A lot of things but just knowing that I came so far and if I just stick to it I can pretty much get what ever I want out of this.

What is your go to warm up trick?
Switch Flips. Pretty much everything switch.

What is one thing your fans don’t know about you?
I don’t like onions.

What would you do if you could see into the future?
I would like to see what my pro shoe will look like.
So does this mean you have a pro shoe in the works?
Hopefully, but there is no plan put into detail, but MY plan is to get a shoe.

What’s the secret to your switch frontside tailslide 270 out?
Keep your shoulders rotated ahead. Slide the spin with your shoulders already turned. Turn early. Rotate your shoulders early.

What’s it like hanging with Stevie Williams?
It’s good. He gives a lot of good advice. It’s informative.

What Am should definitely be pro?
I think every AM should be pro when the time is right. The ones that put the work in and deserve it should turn pro. The AM that deserve it should be pro.

What SUPRA shoe is your favorite?
Right now my favorite to skate in is the Hammer. But I haven’t got my hands on the Muska 5 yet. That might become one of my favorites.

What’s your game of SKATE secret weapon?
I double up. Switch double heels and nollie double heels.

What do you want to achieve before you die?
Make sure everything and everyone around me is straight. Make sure everyone is set and taken care of. I want to die comfortably.

What’s next for Keelan Dadd?
A lot of hard work, I’m just going to be putting my work in. Want to make sure when it do es come I have done all the work to show for it.

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