CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

We can probably all agree that it's better to grind than stall and that's why we have Toy Machine pro Josh Harmony on hand to teach the mechanics of the alleyoop 50-50 grind. It's probably best to get your 50-50 stalls and 50-50 grinds on lock before you attempt this hybrid maneuver, but once you've got those moves dialed the allyoop version should be a piece of cake. Learning this one is also a great way to up your mini game on the local ramp by grinding a set up trick instead of simply stalling it. Check out more from Josh at the Tum Yeto ramp in this helpful Trick Tip clip.

Monster Face Deck by Toy Machine

Devil Cat Deck by Toy Machine

Betard Face Deck by Toy Machine

Sect Eye Deck by Toy Machine

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