CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

There's probably no pro skater out there better suited to teach manual style tricks than Joey Brezinski. The Manny Mania champ knows a thing or two about rolling on two wheels and is here to break down an unusual manual variation—The Hot Wing. The Hot Wing is a full body, mid manuel twist that takes you from a manuel to a fakie nose manuel or visa versa. There's really not much to it aside from making sure your turn is quick and your balance remains even from manuel to manuel. The big secret here, as Joey says, is to watch where you're going—balance is in the eyes, grasshopper. Go learn'em, but for now check out some choice PUMA selections below.

Suede Classic by PUMA

Maeko S by PUMA

Archive Light Low Mixed by PUMA

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