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Welcome to Trick Tips 101. Your teacher today is Professor Theotis Beasley. For today's lesson, Prof. Beasley will demonstrate the proper way to do a backside kickflip. Your assignment is 2 part. First watch the video. Second, grab your board, get outside, and do as Theotis does. Failure will result in detention.

"When learning how to do backside flips, first you wanna learn how to get your backside 180's down so you can get comfortable with your shoulders turning as the board follows your feet. I normally put my back foot in the corner pocket of my tail, and my front hanging off the board covering up my 2 bottom bolts. When you feel like you mastered a backside 180, that's when you move on and practice kickflips. When I do kickflips, I put my back foot in the left pocket and my front foot over my 2 bottom bolts. Kick out with the front foot as you ollie so the board flips. When you get those two tricks down, you can do the back 180 and flip in one full motion, and it becomes a backside flip. Hope that explains it! Good luck!" - THeotis Beasley

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