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Long before the Australian born and bred Theeve Truck hit the market, there was all kinds of buzz and mystery surrounding what they may or may not actually be. Rumors of “never-been-done-before” design and scientifically engineered weightlessness were spreading like chocolate stains on fat guy slacks. Well, party people, Theeve trucks have hit the CCS Shop and these things are off the chizznarts!

I’ve been riding the CSX’s which feature a Titanium/alloy blend axle and non-slip cro-moly steel axles. They come locked & loaded with Bones Hardcore Bushings™, which in my ridiculously humble opinion, are the best in the business. They’re strong and rigid, yet allow for superior turning. Boo yaa!

First off, these things are seriously light…seriously, no-joke light. In my experience, other light trucks I’ve ridden have lacked stability, but the CSX’s handle like warriors, feeling solid every time while turning extra well. Super responsive, they allow one to literally turn on a dime if need be. Also, the grind on Theeve’s is actually pretty unbelievable. They lock in and grind like you’re atop freakin’ ice. Not to mention, I’ve been banging the hell of these axles for weeks and they have yet to slip at all.

As far as trucks go, Theeve’s are making some of the best on the market. Light, sturdy, strong as all hell, and they grind as if they were oozing fresh buttersauce. Theeve’s have not only met the hype, they’ve pretty much surpassed it.

To nab yourself a set, head to the CCS Shop now and order on up.

If you don’t believe me, have a peek at what Tony & Riley Hawk are saying about them.

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