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As a young’en I often dreamed of becoming a pro skater. In between tours, demos, signings and filming missions I’d eat expensive lobsters, accented with thick cuts of kobe beef; all while sipping from a football-sized goblet overflowing with wine dating back to the 1700’s. After digesting my rich, plentiful breakfast I’d sit back and watch my assistant grip a fresh board for me. Periodically I’d make calls to my financial advisor, ensuring that my sponsors checks were still rolling in with the quickness. It was a good dream and as I envisioned it, it was a life fit for the gods. I never turned pro. Hell, I never even went the flow route. But despite my failure to attain my wishes, I pride myself on the ability to still dream . Have a look at the real life of Professional Skateboarder Justin Eldridge. Though it’s not quite what I imagined it to be, it still looks pretty damn good.

Image Courtesy of Crailtap.

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