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Today were the qualifying runs at Tampa Pro. 82 skaters got whittled down to 30 for the Semi-Finals tomorrow. Tons of dudes were ripping, but two skaters definitely stood out from the pack. Brand new Plan B addition Torey Pudwill, and rookie Flip pro and back-to-back Tampa Am winner Luan Oliveira both delivered flawless and powerful runs and placed 1st and 2nd respectively, just as predicted by almost anyone you asked. They advance directly to the finals.

Here are the full Qualifier Results, courtesy of

Check back tomorrow morning for a full highlight video from Day 1 at Tampa Pro 2010!

Tampa Pro 2010 Street Qualifiers Contest Results

1 Torey Pudwill
Torey Pudwill
Sponsors: DVS, Matix, Skatelab, Bones Bearings, Venture Trucks, Primitive, Select Wheels, Plan B
Hometown: Simi Valley CA
2 Luan Oliveira
Luan Oliveira
Sponsors: Flip, Globe, Volcom, Flip Wheels, Matriz Skate Shop, Indy, Mob
Hometown: Porto Alegre Brazil
3 Sierra Fellers
Sierra Fellers
Sponsors: Circa, Venture, Foundation, CCS, Dakine, Bones Wheels
Hometown: Whitefish MT
4 Paul Rodriguez
Paul Rodriguez
Sponsors: Plan B, Nike SB, Silver, FKD Bearings and Grip, Active, Nixon, Mountain Dew, Diamond, incase
Hometown: Los Angeles CA
5 Nyjah Huston
Nyjah Huston
Sponsors: I&I Skateboards, Silver, FKD, Diamond
Hometown: Huntington Beach CA
6 Keegan Sauder
Keegan Sauder
Sponsors: Vans, Zero, Spitfire, Independent, Anti-Social Skateshop, RVCA, Fiat
Hometown: Vancouver, BC Canada
7 John Rattray
John Rattray
Sponsors: Zero, Zero Wheels, eS Footwear, Thunder, Modus Bearings, Elwood
Hometown: Aberdeen
8 Chaz Ortiz
Chaz Ortiz
Sponsors: Zoo York, DC, FKD, Bones, Silver Trucks, Warp Skatepark, Gatorade
Hometown: Chicago IL
9 Tyler Hendley
Tyler Hendley
Sponsors: Oakley, Active Ride Shop, Neff Headwear, es shoes
Hometown: Mission Viejo CA
10 Fabrizio Santos
Fabrizio Santos
Sponsors: Forest, Bones Bearings, Silver Star, Sambazon
Hometown: Costa Mesa CA
11 Peter Ramondetta
Peter Ramondetta
Sponsors: Real, Circa, Circa Apparel, Thunder, Spitfire, Roughneck Hardware, Newell, HUF
Hometown: SF CA
12 Matt Miller
Matt Miller
Sponsors: Expedition, DC, Indy, Gold, FTC
Hometown: San Francisco CA
13 Rodil Jr
Rodil Jr
Sponsors: Mylls, Gustavo Borges, Ferrugem, True Skate, Prefeitura de Curitiba
Hometown: Curitiba Brazil
14 Robert Lopez Mont
Robert Lopez Mont
Sponsors: Substance Skateboards, Ergophobia, Rockstar Bearings, Gold Wheels, Covert Skate Shop, Dirty Crew
Hometown: Guaynabo PR
15 Chad Bartie
Chad Bartie
Sponsors: Bones, Osiris, Theeve, Armourdillo, Ergo
Hometown: Australia
16 Ryan Sheckler
Ryan Sheckler
Sponsors: Plan B, Independent Trucks, Etnies, Mob, CCS, Nixon, Oakley, Red Bull, Kicker
Hometown: San Clemente CA
17 Billy Rohan
Billy Rohan
Sponsors: Element, Acapulco Gold , Supreme, Vans, Harold Hunter Foundation, Open Road of New York
Hometown: NYC NY
18 Andrew Pott
Andrew Pott
Sponsors: Famous Stars and Straps, Venture, Ninestar, Kontrol Wheels, City Stars
Hometown: Inglewood CA
19 Danny Fuenzalida
Danny Fuenzalida
Sponsors: Think Skateboards, Satori Wheels, Venture, Swiss Bearings, MIA
Hometown: San Francisco CA
20 Stefan Janoski
Stefan Janoski
Sponsors: Analog, Habitat, FKD, Venture, Nike SB, Liberty Board Shop
Hometown: Vacaville CA
21 Chad Fernandez
Chad Fernandez
Sponsors: Brooklyn Projects Skate Shop, Indy
Hometown: Los Angeles CA
22 Milton Martinez
Milton Martinez
Sponsors: Woodoo Skateboards, Red Bull, Shifty, Oakley, Converse
Hometown: Mar del Plata Argentina
23 Anthony Shetler
Anthony Shetler
Sponsors: World Industries, Spitfire, Thunder, FKD, Solstice Skate Shop
Hometown: Long Beach CA
24 Shuriken Shannon
Shuriken Shannon
Sponsors: Osiris, Black Label, Billabong, Revolution Wheels, Venture, Pacific Drive Skate Shop, FKD
Hometown: San Diego CA
25 Danny Cerezini
Danny Cerezini
Sponsors: Cons, Volcom, Silver, FKD, Blind, Bones, Active
Hometown: Curitiba Brazil
26 Sam Baptista
Sam Baptista
Sponsors: Turf Skateboards, Diamond, Venture, JSLV, FTC
Hometown: Los Angeles CA
27 Mike Peterson
Mike Peterson
Sponsors: Consolidated, Globe, Ace Trucks, Pig
Hometown: Jax FL
28 Chris Troy
Chris Troy
Sponsors: Adio, Black Label, Innes, Independent, Spitfire, Brixton
Hometown: Carlsbad CA
29 Neverton Casella
Neverton Casella
Sponsors: FTS, Media Arts, DC (flow), Active
Hometown: Cascavel Brazil
30 Justin Brock
Justin Brock
Sponsors: Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Nike SB, Roughneck Hardware, Huf, Quiksilver
Hometown: MTA NC
31 Lindsey Robertson
Lindsey Robertson
Sponsors: DC Shoe Co., Mystery, MIA, Spitfire, Indy, Paradox
Hometown: Miami FL
32 Alex Carolino
Alex Carolino
Sponsors: DC, Venture, Satori Wheels, Zero Police Skate Shop
Hometown: Curitiba Brazil
33 Mario Saenz
Mario Saenz
Sponsors: Sugar Skateboards, Zarape Skate Shop, Venture Trucks, DC Shoes (Int’l), Monster, Snake Wheels
Hometown: Mexico City Mexico
34 Tony Manfre
Tony Manfre
Sponsors: Shut, WESC, Nike SB, Indy, HiFi Wheels, Guayaki, Atlas Skate Shop
Hometown: Sonoma CA
35 Jed Shooter
Jed Shooter
Sponsors: Finesse, Endless Grind, Roughneck Hardware
Hometown: Fayetteville NC
36 Adam Dyet
Adam Dyet
Sponsors: Darkstar, Bones, Rock Star, Indy, Nixon, BC Surf & Sport, Green Room, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, Skatepark of Tampa Gambling Team, Neff, Skull Candy, Flypaper
Hometown: Salt Lake City UT
37 Brandon Turner
Brandon Turner
Sponsors: Sk8mafia, Pacific Drive, Venture, Electric
Hometown: San Diego CA
38 Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson
Sponsors: Girl, Four Star, Nike, Spitfire, Independent, CCS, Skate Mental
Hometown: SF CA
39 Neal Mims
Neal Mims
Sponsors: Independent, Pacific Drive, Bones
Hometown: Jacksonville FL
40 Terell Robinson
Terell Robinson
Sponsors: Active, Destructo, Soff Clothing, FKD, Dekline
Hometown: Compton CA
41 Grant Taylor
Grant Taylor
Sponsors: Alien Workshop, Nike SB, Volcom, Independent, Stratosphere, Spitfire
Hometown: Atlanta GA
42 Ronnie Creager
Ronnie Creager
Sponsors: Blind Skateboards, Tensor, Mob Grip, HappySkateboarding.Com, Mica
Hometown: Orange CA
43 Ryan Decenzo
Ryan Decenzo
Sponsors: Darkstar, Globe, Thunder, Nixon, Dakine, Red Bull, RDS Apparrel, Neff, Bones
Hometown: Vancouver B.C. Canada
44 Jake Duncombe
Jake Duncombe
Sponsors: Blind, Volcom, Globe, Electric Sunglasses, Theeve, Bones Wheels, Fast Times Skateshop
Hometown: Sydney Australia
45 David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez
Sponsors: Flip, Volcom, Globe, Mob, Ricta, CCS, Indy, Ricta, Libre Skate Shop
Hometown: Medellin Colombia
46 Tyrone Olson
Tyrone Olson
Sponsors: Westside Skateshop, Struggle Skateboards
Hometown: Madison WI
47 Chris Kendall
Chris Kendall
Sponsors: Ninja, Sunrise
Hometown: Jax FL
48 Aquil Brathwaite
Aquil Brathwaite
Sponsors: Famous Stars and Straps, Small Wheels
Hometown: Middleton RI
49 Danny Falla
Danny Falla
Sponsors: 5Boro, Adidas, Rockstar Bearings, Brixton, Broadcast Wheels
Hometown: NY NY
50 Tony Tave
Tony Tave
Sponsors: Circa, Venture, Spitfire, Ogio, Active, Nixon, FKD
Hometown: Lake Forest CA
51 Pete Eldridge
Pete Eldridge
Sponsors: Mystery, Thunder Trucks, Nocturnal Skate Shop, Adidas, Mighty Healthy
Hometown: Pennington NJ
52 Kenny Anderson
Kenny Anderson
Sponsors: Chocolate, Converse, Elwood, Indy, Satori
Hometown: Redlands CA
53 Jordan Hoffart
Jordan Hoffart
Sponsors: Powell, Bones, Adio, Indy, NEFF, Quiksilver, Active, Isis, 9Five
Hometown: Vancouver, B.C. Canada
54 Malcolm Watson
Malcolm Watson
Sponsors: Autobahn
Hometown: Los Angeles CA
55 Nick Dompierre
Nick Dompierre
Sponsors: Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Solstice, No Problemo Burrito Shop, Roughneck Hardware, DC, DC Apparel, Monster
Hometown: New Bedford MA
56 Fabio Castilho
Fabio Castilho
Sponsors: Premium Skateboards, Urgh, Crail, Freedom Fog, Styllus, At Home
Hometown: San Paulo Brazil
57 Joey Brezinski
Joey Brezinski
Sponsors: Cliche, Autohbahn, Diamond, Adio, FKD, Val Surf, Red Bull, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, Independent, Seige Audio
Hometown: Venice CA
58 Rodney Jones
Rodney Jones
Sponsors: Positiv Skateboards, Dakine Backpacks, Green Trucks, Charm City Skate Shop
Hometown: Baltimore MD
59 Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez
Sponsors: Foundation, Independent, Spitfire, Converse, 303 Board Shop
Hometown: Denver CO
60 Ronnie Gordon
Ronnie Gordon
Sponsors: Keystone Skateboards, Jetty Life Apparel, Autobahn, DaKine, S-One, Shelter Skate Shop
Hometown: Collingswood NJ
61 Pat Duffy
Pat Duffy
Sponsors: Plan B, Lost Clothing, Venture, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, Paradox, Arnette, High Ball Energy
Hometown: San Francisco CA
62 Zered Bassett
Zered Bassett
Sponsors: Zoo York, DVS, Hubba Wheels, Red Bull, Rival Skateshop, Swiss
Hometown: NYC NY
63 Elissa Steamer
Elissa Steamer
Sponsors: Zero, Nike SB, Thunder, Skatepark of Tampa
Hometown: San Francisco CA
64 Eli Reed
Eli Reed
Sponsors: Zoo York, True East, Supreme, Autobahn, Mountain Dew, Converse Skate
Hometown: Boston MA
65 Dan Murphy
Dan Murphy
Sponsors: Foundation, Theeve, Nike SB, KR3W, Diamond
Hometown: Hampton NH
66 Daryl Angel
Daryl Angel
Sponsors: Habitat, Nike SB, Bones Bearings, Diamond Hardware, Spitfire, Royal, HUF
Hometown: San Jose CA
67 Jon Newport
Jon Newport
Sponsors: Arcade, Indy
Hometown: Atlanta GA
68 Danny Montoya
Danny Montoya
Sponsors: Listen! Skateboards, Mighty Healthy NYC, Diamond Supply Co, Satori Wheels
Hometown: Long Beach CA
69 Jason Wussler
Jason Wussler
Sponsors: Turf, Venture, Diamond, In4mation, FTC
Hometown: San Francisco CA
70 Felix Arguelles
Felix Arguelles
Sponsors: Famous, Indy, Lexani, Ammo Surplus Company
Hometown: Los Angeles CA
71 Richard Brito
Richard Brito
Sponsors: 2sk8
Hometown: Canary Islands Tenerife
72 Gary Smith
Gary Smith
Sponsors: Hoodlum Skateboards, Ergophobia Clothing, Krux, Vu Skateshop (View), Underground Wheels, Dakine, Nature Hardware
Hometown: Baltimore MD
73 Lavar McBride
Lavar McBride
Sponsors: Turfglobal, Ace, Hubba, FTC
Hometown: San Francisco CA
74 Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor
Sponsors: AXION, Zoo York, Royal Trucks, Diamond, Fillmore
Hometown: Pittsburgh PA
75 Dan Pensyl
Dan Pensyl
Sponsors: Nike, 5boro, Spitfire, Thunder, Volcom, Brixton
Hometown: Brooklyn NY
76 Mike York
Mike York
Sponsors: Turf Global, Venture Trucks, The Hundreds, Gold Wheels, Diamond
Hometown: Los Angeles CA
77 Omar Salazar
Omar Salazar
Sponsors: Alien Workshop, Nike SB, Independent, Spitfire, Sun Diego
Hometown: Sacramento CA
78 Orlando Ramos
Orlando Ramos
Sponsors: ICONICA, Bones
Hometown: San Juan PR
79 Nick Trapasso
Nick Trapasso
Sponsors: Toy Machine, Converse, Pig Wheels, Thunder, Volcom, Mob Grip, Cowtown
Hometown: Phoenix AZ
80 Peter Smolik
Peter Smolik
Sponsors: Sk8mafia, Electric Eyewear, Independet, Spitfire Wheels, Converse, Laced, Diamond, Pacific Drive, Paradox
Hometown: San Diego CA
81 Larry Perkins
Larry Perkins
Sponsors: Runnin’ From the Po’lice Bearings, $eriou$ Wood, Lil Playa Skate Shop, Knuckle Sammichez Hardware, Nike SB (flow)
Hometown: North Kaka NC
82 Richard Jefferson
Richard Jefferson
Sponsors: I&I Skateboards, Krux, Diamond, Ninja
Hometown: San Francisco CA
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