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Only the best of the best skated the course today for today’s Semi and Street Finals. While some serious destruction went down all over the park, in the sea of qualifiers, only a handful stood out amongst the rest. Here’s a breakdown of the very last day of Tampa Am 2009.

Ron Deily: Super smooth runs with such ease, it looked like the dude was sleeping. Kickflip nosestalls on the bank to wall, backsmith to tailslides over the loveseat and unheard of five-0 wallrides to fakie. A well deserved 7th place for the NJ native.

Mark Suciu: New to the list of already established Ams, this kid proved he could hang with the big dogs. Back tail frotside shuv its on the flatbar and switch tre’s all day down the seven. He took home 9th place and if I was to guess, a bunch of new sponsors as well.

Felipe Gustavo: Will Plan B put this guy on for real already? Nollie flip back five-0’s across the pyramid box, nollie flips over the pyramid and hardflip back tails on the flatbar. Felipe nabbed 6th place with authority.

Nick Tucker: Sk8Mafia rider Nick Tucker destroyed all weekend. Nosegrind nollie heel out and an insane nollie inward heel bigspin down the seven. Smolik will most definitely be proud of his 3rd place take home.

Ben Hatchell: This dude had the crowd going ape poop all weekend long. Solid runs everytime. Cab kickflips over the pyramid, backsmiths to feeble to fakie over the love seat and blunt kickflip fakies everytime on the back to wall. He almost landed a back noseblunt backside nollie flip on the indented quarter extension. A lot of people had their money on Hatchell to take it this weekend but in the end, 2nd place ain’t bad.

Luan Oliveira: Last years Tampa Am Champ took it again for the second year in a row. Seriously, everything he put down was incredible in practice and today he strung together a series extra tech, super smooth runs. Switch tre’s down the seven, nollie switch crookie’s on the flatbar, huge kickflips over the pyramid, a giant frontside flip (the hard way) from the deck to flat and even a buttery halfcab heel noseslide 270 out. 1st place for Luan.

Schaeffer breaks it down for the Top 3. Luan Oliveira, Ben Hatchell & Nick Tucker.

Final Results

  1. Luan Oliveira
  2. Ben Hatchell
  3. Nick Tucker
  4. Jack Olson
  5. Chris Mendes
  6. Felipe Gustavo
  7. Ron Deily
  8. Shawn Hale
  9. Mark Suciu
  10. Shawn Hale
  11. Clint Walker
  12. Adrien Bulard
  13. Kevin Romar

Best Trick Winner Matt Berger accepts his winnings.

Best Trick Results

  1. Matt Berger: Backside 180 switch front crook, fakie flip out on the ledge.
  2. Dan Plunkett: Ollie up, gap to lip on the rail.
  3. Chris Mendes: 360 flip nose manual, nollie heelflip out.
  4. Gilbert Crockett: Kickflip back smith up the big part of the granite ledge.
  5. Daniel Rodriguez: Nollie hard flip feeble grind on the rail.

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