CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

Yep, the date has been set. This September 1st, 2010, Stay Gold, Emerica’s first full-length feature since 2003’s This Is Skateboarding, will be releasing on DVD and Itunes.

This one is set to feature full parts from the entire Emerica Team including Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero, Bryan Herman, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Braydon Szafranski, Aaron Suski and CCS pro’s Jerry Hsu, Heath Kirchart and Brandon Westgate. Plus, they’ll be appearances from Emerican ams Jamie Tancowny, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa, Collin Provost, Marquis Preston and friends.

To commererate the release date, Emerica has dropped an official countdown site with a new trailer, featuring our boy Jerry Hsu.

Check it.

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