CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

CCS Rider Sierra Fellers has been staying busy lately. X-Games, Maloof and steady coverage all over the damned place.

Now his first pro shoe on C1RCA, the Talon, has been out for a minute now. But that hasn’t stopped C1RCA from keeping the shoe going strong with fresh colorways that are now fully stocked in the CCS Shop.

Sure the thing looks good. But how does this freakin’ thing hold up on the mean streets? I recently stepped into a pair to give a go at this cupsoled Fellers design.

The Talon is a padded shoe that features a slimmed down, low profile silhouette that you actually like looking down at when you skate. As far as padding goes, they come equipped with a phylon midsole with built-in infused gel pad impact protection, which gives you the right amount of board feel without resorting to skating in slippers.

The cupsole is sturdy and extra sticky, featuring C1RCA’s FusionGrip technology. There’s also internal tongue straps which I always like. Give’s me the feeling that the shoe I’m wearing was molded exclusively for my little feet.

As far as sturdy, light, padded, grippy and long lasting shoes are concerned…the Talon’s got it. Peep the CCS Shop now to get yourself fitted for a pair. Trust me, you’ll by hyped.

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