CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

The “late” craze in skateboarding all began some two decades ago when some innovative bastid decided to add a shuv-it into the mix of a lofty, run-of-the-mill ollie.

What began as the good looking ollie late shuv-it, soon evolved into a short lived epidemic of janky, butt ugly “late flip” tricks. Before anyone could make sense of what it all meant, there were tricks like shuv-it late flips, late back foot flips (ollie late back foot flips) and of course, the trick at hand, the nollie late front flip.

All of the previously mentioned tricks came across about as eloquent as a Geto Boys mix tape. An ollie, nollie or shuv-it would instantly be massacred by a sharp body spaz-out, followed by an extra body spaz of the lower half. The tricks seemed to rely more on luck than any sense of skill. In time, the “late flip” movement died out and most of skateboarding was happy about. But that was before the nollie late front foot flip was brought back and tastefully revamped by Paul Rodriguez.

Where the old version of the late front foot flip was completed by a sloppy “Kick down” of the front foot, P. Rod brought it back with a very, very proper, ankle bending “flick”. In fact, the trick can now be called exactly what he’s made it, a nollie late kickflip. Check P. Rod’s new Battle Commander an bear witness to three perfectly executed late front foot flips, including one that begins with a backside nollie and another that ends in a nose manny. Next level sh*#!, people.

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Video & still photo of P. Rod’s proper flick courtesy of The Berrics.

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