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The 2013 CCS AM Project team has been named and to help introduce each of the twelve Ams this year we'll be featuring each teamrider in a short interview series entitled, Meet The Ams. Next up is Palm Springs, California native, Mikee Brown. Check out his stats and interview below and get familiar.

Name: Mikee Brown

Home Town: Palm Springs, CA

Am Project Sponsors: DGK, Kr3w, Lakai

How long have you bee skateboarding and how did you get into it?

I've been skateboarding for around ten years in total. My brother Michael and my uncle Willie got me into skating. I would always want to follow them when they would go skating, but I was too small. They could ollie up curbs and get around quicker than I could. This pushed me to practice and go harder so I could be like them and hang with them. My brother got into basketball and my uncle got into football, but I kept skating. I mostly used skating to get to and from school. Skating really hit me when i got to high school and started to go to the Palm Springs skatepark. I never had a place to practice my skating other than skating outside my house or with friends in middle school. The skatepark opened up many tricks and also helped me develop my own style.

Tell us about your hometown? What's your local scene like?

I live in Palm Springs, California. Skating out here is hard because temps are as high as 113 degrees at times. In the first five minutes of warming up and you are already drenched in sweat. Other than the heat, i love it. There are plenty of spots, and spots that are now famous. The people here are friendly. Everyone knows each other.

Who are you favorite pros/ams? What pros inspire you? Why?

My favorite pros are Nyjah, Ishod, Busenitz, and Cole. Cole has an amazing set of tricks, Busenitz is the fastest skater in the world! Ishod has the best style, and Nyjah Huston isn't human—there is nothing he cant do. My favorite ams are Trevor Colden and Felipe Gustavo. Trevor has an amazing style and a full list of solid tricks. Felipe Gustavo should be pro!!!

How did you find out about the CCS Am Project Video Contest?

I entered the Am Project last year and didn't win. My friend Jake Leger tagged me in an instagram post that CCS posted about them doing it again this year. I just made a little video of the footy i had on my pc and sent it in like two weeks before video submissions ended.

Did you think you had a shot at winning win you entered or we're you clueless about the competition?

I wasn't really trying to think about winning. I just wanted to get my name and my footy out there for people to see. Winning the fan vote is an amazing experience for me. Just to to know that there are other skaters out there that appreciate what i do means so much!

What are you most looking forward to as a CCS Am Project rider?

As a CCS Am Project winner, what i look foward to most is to meet the people who also made it and to meet a lot of new faces as well as filming and doing photo shoots. Just shredding and stacking clips!

Describe the filming process for your entree. How long did it take to film? Did you do it just for CCS or had you been holding clips for an opportunity similar to this?

I didn't even know there was going to be a contest this year. When i found out about it I maybe filmed one or two more clips, but the rest of the footy I already had just waiting for something to use it for.

What are your long term goals with skateboarding? Do you hope to have a career as a pro someday?

My long term goals for skateboarding is to just keep skating for as long as i can. I love seeing older people still skating and loving it at the same time. Becoming pro is every young skater's dream. I just want to live in the moment and have fun. I will always go hard on the way to pro or not. I will always come home sore and beat up just for the love of skateboarding.

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