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It’s hard to believe that Maloof Money Cup, Orange County is already next week! And with that, the powers that be released the official blueprints of the course design.

The 12,000-square-foot street course was designed by Geoff Rowley and Joe Ciaglia of California Skateparks, and was inspired by a handful of iconic skate spots. Match the spot numbers to the key down below.

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1. Big Surf Wave Pool/Tempe, AZ
2. Bump to Barriers/Long Beach, CA
3. Quarter Pipe Hip/Huntington Beach, CA
4. Santa Monica Pier/Santa Monica, CA
5. Sadlands Planter/Orange County, CA
6. Triple Set/Los Angeles, CA
7. Venice Ledges/Venice Beach, CA
8. Radical Ledge/Los Angeles, CA
9. Fountain Water Gap/Santa Monica, CA

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