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History went down this past weekend on all kinds of levels. What was New York City’s biggest skate contest ever also resulted in the creation of NY’s biggest and best cement street park ever.

Insane skating went down all weekend long with too many bangers to list. After a legitimate tornando warning and apocolyptic dirt flowing winds, the finals were pushed up to beat the imminent rain. Chris Cole, P. Rod, Torey Pudwill and Bastien Salabanzi battled it out in their heats but in the end Chris Cole took first for the second year in a row, flying home 100 G’s richer.

Peep the results and finals video below for solid documentation.

Final Results

1. Chris Cole
2. Paul Rodriguez
3. Torey Pudwill
4. Bastien Salabanzi
5. Sean Malto
6. Sierra Fellers
7. Ryan Decenzo
8. Peter Ramondetta
9. Greg Lutzka
10. David Gonzalez

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