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One day down, two more to go. CCS was holding it down all day at Maloof with Team Rider autographs and deck raffles at the CCS booth. We’ll be repeating it all over again today so make sure to check us out if you’re heading to the contest. Check the results and photos from Day 1.


1st – Shane O’Neill (19) Melbourne, Australia
2nd – Ryan DeCenzo (22) Vancouver, BC
3rd – Felipe Gustavo (18) Brasilia, Brazil
4th – Davis Torgerson (19) Plymouth, MN
5th – Louie Lopez (14) Hawthorne, CA
6th – Vincent Alvarez (20) West Covina, CA
7th – Morgan Smith (22) Toronto, Canada
8th –Theotis Beasley (18) Hawthorne, CA
9th – Manny Santiago (18) Lowell, MA
10th – Andrew Langi (18) Redwood City, CA
11th – Abdias Rivera (22) Tampa, FL
12th – Nick Merlino (21) Atlantic City, NJ


Friday’s Vert Preliminaries included 16 skaters in two heats of eight. Each heat skated a jam in two sections of the ramp: a rail jam on the Mini Mega Ramp and an “8 Ball” eight wall run. The unique Mini Mega Ramp set-up made for some incredible skateboarding, and the competition between Alex Perelson and Adam Taylor was especially intense, with Alex squeaking into first place. The top 7 Vert skaters advancing to the Saturday Semi Finals and joining 7 pre-qualified skaters are:

1st – Alex Perelson (18) San Diego, CA
2nd – Adam Taylor (19) Cocoa Beach, FL
3rd –Rob Lorifice (21) Carlsbad, CA
4th – Marcelo Bastos (22) Sao Paulo, BRZ
5th – Rune Glifberg (34) Copenhagen, DEN
6th – Juergen Horrwarh (32) Berlin, GER
7th – Dan Cezar (18) Santo Andre, BRA


Friday night, 34 skaters went head to head in the Semi Finals. Six heats of skaters each competed in 30 minute jams in three sections. The Top 18 skaters advancing to the Saturday semi finals are:

1st – Torey Pudwill (19) San Fernando Valley, CA
2nd – Peter Ramondetta (26) Tulsa, OK
3rd – Tommy Sandoval (23) Chula Vista, CA
4th – Chaz Ortiz (15) Chicago, IL
5th – Tony Trujillo (26) San Francisco, CA
6th – Brian Anderson (33) Groton, CT
7th – Kurtis Colamonico (24) Long Beach, CA
8th – Mark Appleyard (26) Toronto, CAN
9th – Sierra Fellers (22) Whitefish, MT
10th – David Gonzalez (18) Long Beach, CA
11th – Billy Marks (26) Corona, CA
12th – Chris Haslam (28) Vancouver, BC
13th – Adam Dyet (23) Salt Lake City, UT
14th – Brandon Westgate (20) Wareham, MA
15th – Andrew Pott (20) Inglewood, CA
16th – Geoff Rowley (33) Liverpool, ENG
17th – Silas Baxter-Neal (25) Evanston, IL
18th – Lizard King (24) Salt Lake City, UT

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