CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

It's not always easy choosing the "best" video when you're presented with a deep selection of so many talented submissions. We originally opened the floor to a public vote from national fans to decide the winner, but after receiving more than 160,000 votes over the course of four days causing our site to crash and some votes to be lost and unnaccounted for, and later discovering that some votes were achieved by fraudulent means, we regretfully were forced to abandon the democratic process.

After consulting with the skateparks themselves, it was unanimously decided that the most fair way to award the winner would be to let the CCS staff choose their favorite videos based on the skating and the quality of the events themselves.

CCS wants to thank everyone that voted and all of the skateparks that participated in the Lurkathon video contest. It was a very close contest and all the videos were great, but in the end our most favorite submissions are as follows:

1. 3rd Lair ($1500 courtesy of Vans)

2. Bellevue ($300)

3. Skate Barn ($200)

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