CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

What’s the secret to nollie backside heels? Has Riley Hawk ever played his dad, Tony Hawk, in a game of S.K.A.T.E.? What was Nike SB dropping last Black Friday? Well, last November, all these questions were answered here at the CCS Blog. DGK pro Josh Kalis showed us the proper foot placement for the nollie back heel; you asked Riley, and he answered; and we gave you a lil’ preview of the forthcoming Thanksgiving Holiday drops. Peep the posts, the click the images below and get what you might have missed out on last November.

Josh Kalis deck by DGK

Asphalt Yacht Club Riley Sweatshirt

Nike SB Dunk High Pro

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro

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