CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

KR3W and Deathwish pro skater Lizard King is notoriously passionate about many things, especially his signature gear found at CCS. Check it: The Lizard King K Skinny jeans by KR3W have a slim, tapered leg, and stretch for added comfort and flexibility all skaters need when shredding. And his signature sweatshirt, the Medieval Pullover, is a poncho style sweatshirt, that has neckline that comes down the chest with a drawstring closure for extra comfort and style. Peep the images below, and keep it classy like Lizard King.

KR3W K Skinny Jeans- Lizard King Signature

Medieval Jacket by KR3W

"Queen" t-shirt by KR3W featuring Lizard King and krew

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