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I have this one acquaintance, who when ever we meet, I go to shake his hand and he offers up a closed fist for a fist bump. This makes for a very awkward encounter. I’m left standing with my hand out until I take my open hand and go for half of a “High Five”. It’s my open hand against his closed fist, like some super lame unplanned game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Paper beats rock by the way. This is an absolutely terrible way to begin a meeting. To make myself feel better about the whole situation, I rationalize, “Oh, he must one of those germaphobes who are obsessed with cleanliness and defeating bacteria”. I thought this until I actually saw him shake some other dude’s hand. Does he take me for a unclean person?

I may look dirty but Ipath has some of the cleanest most functional designs in the footwear game. IPATH has made some serious moves this last year adding Manny Santiago to their already stacked team and releasing the revamped iconic Grasshopper shoe: the
Grasshopper XT . The Grasshopper XT is clean looking and very durable. In addition to the Grasshopper XT included in the IPATH line up is the legendary skate shoe the Iconic XL. Need a chill shoe? No problem, check out the causal Bonfired, IPATH has managed cover all your bases. Start scrolling to get acquainted with some of IPATH’s designs. Or better yet, get yourself over to the IPATH page for the complete lineup from the brand and never, no matter how dirty a person appears, use a fist bump when someone goes to shake your hand. It’s disrespectful.

Hennepin by IPATH

Grasshopper XT by IPATH

Combi by IPATH

Bonfired by IPATH
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